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Meet Thala Labs

Stablecoins are one of the only use cases of DeFi that have reached scale and seen consistent use. Yet decentralized stablecoins face a thus far unsolved trilemma of issues: peg stability, security, and capital efficiency.

Existing solutions make significant sacrifices attempting to solve two, or even just one of the above-mentioned issues. These stablecoins also lack deep integrations in DeFi due to the prevalence of centralized competitors.

Enter Thala Labs.

Thala Labs is building an over-collateralized, decentralized stablecoin, first for the Aptos blockchain.

We spent months researching existing stablecoins to understand what they do best and where they fall short. When launched, our over-collateralized stablecoin, Move Dollar (or “MOD”), will be focused on solving the aforementioned trilemma.

This will be accomplished through monetary policy levers such as dynamic interest rates, collateralization, capital optimization by mobilizing collateral, and a business development strategy focused on meaningful integrations and long-term liquidity.

Thala is concurrently developing other products to ensure MOD’s ubiquity on the Aptos blockchain. These include an AMM, with preferential fees and features to pools that integrate MOD, and a launchpad that will incentivize all Aptos projects to diversify their treasury assets into MOD. By launching products that are deeply synergistic with MOD and focusing on day one integrations, our stablecoin can become a fundamental pillar of the Aptos DeFi ecosystem.

Our goal is simple: to build scalable, decentralized, and composable DeFi primitives.

Aptos First

Thala will first deploy its applications onto Aptos, created by Aptos Labs. Aptos is a highly-performant layer-one blockchain built on Move, a newly-developed language optimized for scalability and security.

Over the past year, Thala contributors have built close connections with Aptos Labs and continue to maintain contact to streamline launch and product plans.

Future deployments on other chains may be considered, though as of now, we are focused solely on Aptos. We’d love to hear more about what other chains you think Thala should Move to.

Launch Plans

More details about Thala’s launch plans, along with our protocol documentation, will be shared shortly, so make sure to subscribe to our social media channels.

We will be soon setting up a Discord group to allow you, the community, to learn and weigh in on what is being built.

More to come! Stay tuned.

Thala Labs is an organization focused on deploying innovative DeFi products on Aptos. We at Thala Labs are a group of passionate builders, researchers, and engineers with diverse experiences and expertise. Our founding contributors and advisors have both crypto-native and traditional tech backgrounds, including MakerDAO, ParaFi Capital, NEAR, Twitter, Apple, Google, and Amazon.




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Thala Labs

Thala is a decentralized finance protocol on the Aptos blockchain.