Thala Engineering Monthly Update #1

Thala Labs
2 min readJun 16, 2023

April and May

This is the first post of our monthly Thala engineering update series, intended to keep our community up to date on what we’re building from a technical standpoint — as well as provide useful information to the wider Move builder community. On the 6th of each month, we will release a medium article recapping relevant development updates.

This post covers what we’ve been building since the protocols mainnet launch.

New Product Features

  • Implement veTHL to add utilities to THL holders including participating in Thala DAO governance, earning proportional protocol fees, etc.
  • Implement CDP farming to incentivize MOD borrowers with THL emission rewards.
  • Implement Peg Stability Module to strengthen the peg between MOD and USDC.
  • Implement a linear vesting schedule for all THL emissions to flatten the THL supply curve.
  • Support flash loans on ThalaSwap.
  • Build Parliament — an Aptos-native DAO governance tool that supports voting strategies including veToken to onboard ThalaDAO.

Product Improvements

  • We’ve halved gas costs across all vault operations.
  • Revamped stability (tweet), analytics (tweet), and swap pages.
  • Add pagination support across all tables.
  • Various bug fixes and user feedback addressed.

Ecosystem Integrations

  • Integrated with DefiLlama and become the #1 project (TVL-wise) on Aptos. (tweet)
  • Integrated with Coingecko.
  • Supporting wTBT as collateral to borrow MOD as our first RWA integration. (tweet)
  • Supporting CAKE as collateral to borrow MOD. (tweet)

Aptos Toolings

  • Improved the developer experience of by adding the ability to view code, run transactions, and call view function API, all in browser! (tweet) (commits, commits)
  • Built move-ts on top of the low-level official Aptos SDK, aiming to provide a type-safe and UX-friendly client for Aptos developers. Think viem but for Aptos. move-ts is currently under heavy development and we’re working to adopt it across our dApp codebase before officially releasing it to the community.

June (WIP)

  • surf 1.0 release
  • Open-source thala-modules
  • Mainnet 2.0 release
  • [REDACTED] xchain Ethereum <> Aptos treasury bill integration
  • Money market testnet launch on Aptos



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