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6 min readFeb 24, 2023

Welcome to Thala’s testnet!

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to get set up on Aptos, as well as how to transact on our Move Dollar CDP vaults & ThalaSwap. We’ll cover some general things you can test, but keep an eye out for our later tweet covering specific quests for our testnet campaign, powered by our friends at Galxe.

The testnet will be live from Friday, February 24th onwards. If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, we invite you to join our Discord server!

How to Get Started

You’ll need an Aptos-compatible wallet to try out our testnet. We currently support Pontem, Martian, and Petra wallets. Installation instructions for each wallet are located in the respective linked websites.

Note: We encourage you to utilize Petra wallet for our testnet as we’ve found that it works the best on our dApp.

Before interacting with our dApp, set your wallet network from “Aptos mainnet” to “Aptos Testnet.” Afterwards, you can head on over to We’ve provided a small list of actions you can do on our testnet below as a landing point, but we encourage you to interact with everything that will be available during the testing period!


Before you request from our native faucet, you’ll also need to request APT from the Aptos Testnet Faucet or the faucet for your wallet for gas fees. You can find the Aptos faucet at Once you’ve received some testnet APT, feel free to proceed to any of the actions below.

Visit and connect your wallet to claim testnet tokens from our faucet. Request tokens by clicking on the respective APT/CAKE/tAPT/USDC/WBTC/WETH button. It may take a few seconds for the transaction to go through. You can check the status of your transaction by going through your wallet activity, clicking on the specific transaction, and viewing it on the Aptos explorer. (NOTE: You can only claim each one!)

Opening a Vault

To deposit your assets and mint MOD against them, navigate to the vault button in the left-hand navigation bar or head over to Click on “create vault,” either in the middle of the page or on the top-right button.

Now, select what asset you’d like to deposit and mint MOD against on the drop-down list:

After selecting the asset, input how much you want to deposit as well as how much MOD you’d like to borrow. Each asset will have a different minimum collateralization ratio (MCR). Remember that there is a minimum debt for each vault on Thala. This is set at 500 MOD, so if you try to create a vault with less debt than 500 MOD, it will not work.

Note that your collateral ratio and min. collateral ratio will also appear before you confirm any transactions. If you’re okay with the amounts listed, then go ahead and click create vault! The MOD you’ve just minted should appear in your wallet after all transactions are confirmed. If you’d like to repay part of your loan or close your vault, click the manage button on the vault after it has been created.

Staking MOD

To stake your minted MOD into the stability pool, head over to the stability pool button on the left-hand navigation bar. Click deposit to stake your MOD and input any total that you’d like from your balance. Approve the transaction from your wallet to confirm the staking process. Note that to withdraw your MOD from the stability pool, there is a decaying withdrawal fee.

Once staked, MOD will start accumulating rewards from liquidations, as shown in both claimable and accumulated sections. You’ll be able to see how much MOD is staked from your account, as well as total staked MOD as a whole.


Click the swap button in the left-hand navigation bar. If you haven’t done so already, connect your wallet in the top-right corner.

Select the pair of tokens that you want to swap, for ex. BTC → ETH. Enter the input or output amount. You can swap any tokens that have an existing liquidity pool.

Once you’re ready, click swap and the transaction window will pop-up from your wallet. Confirm the transaction from your wallet in order to complete the swap. After the swap completes, it should also appear on the tracker widget on the bottom of the page.

Providing Liquidity

With your recently minted MOD, try providing liquidity in any of our created pools. Navigate to the liquidity pools button in the left-hand navigation bar. Here, you’ll see featured pools on the top, and the full list of weighted pools that have been created below.

Select any of the pools. Each pool page will list the asset composition & weights, TVL, volume, fees, and APR. On the bottom, you’ll be able to see history and other pool details.

To deposit into a pool and start earning rewards, click on the deposit button located on the right-hand side, directly under the balance and any staked positions. You’ll be able to withdraw here as well. If you’d like, you can also stake your liquidity tokens on this window to receive incentive rewards on top of pool fee rewards.

If you’d like to claim any of your farming rewards, navigate back to the pool page and click on the claim button under the farming rewards module.

Participate in Testnet Token Launch

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to access the launchpad if you are from a non-permitted country.

Navigate to launchpad in the left-hand navigation bar. Here, you’ll see the featured token launch as well as a full list of upcoming projects below.

To participate in the testnet launch, click on the launchpad button under the featured section. In this scenario, the featured launch token is designated as TNT. You’ll be able to swap and buy TNT using USDC, as denoted in the pool weightings.

Simply input how much USDC you would like to swap to TNT. Fees, price impact, and minimum token received will display on the screen. When you’re ready, click swap to initiate the transaction.

Questions, concerns, other issues?

Thanks for trying out our testnet! If you have any questions or overall feedback, please let us know through our official Discord channels. To report any bugs with our testnet, open a ticket in the #testnet-tickets channel of our Discord. We would love to hear how we can improve your user experience!



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