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5 min readMar 21, 2024

We are proud to announce that Thala is going modular by expanding into Movement, a network of Move-based blockchains.

What is Movement?

Movement is a network of Move-based blockchains designed to combine smart contract security and parallelization with EVM liquidity and user bases. M2 is the first MEVM (Move + EVM) ZK L2 on Ethereum and is powered by Celestia, natively integrating MoveVM with Ethereum.

Why Movement?

Over the last year, Thala has grown to become the largest Move DeFi protocol with over $230 million in TVL, spanning across the DEX from stablecoins to liquid staking — accounting for a significant portion of Aptos’s TVL. We are proud Aptos builders and will continue to develop for Aptos DeFi. The expansion enables us to tap into more markets and moves us closer to our vision of becoming the premier DeFi HyperApp and Liquidity Engine, powered by Move.

The Movement SDK, underlying M2 and compatible with Aptos, allows us to deploy. This enables us to eventually launch on M2 while retaining all the security, processing speed, and cost-efficiency of the Move Virtual Machine (MoveVM), and at the same time, gaining access to EVM users and capital.

Shared Vision For Growing the Move Ecosystem

With Movement Labs, we share a common vision of expanding the Move Ecosystem. We are also incubating the next generation of Move DeFi projects, including Echelon Markets, a money market on Aptos that has the potential to extend to Movement.

Adam Cader, Co-Founder of Thala Labs said “We are excited to announce our expansion to Movement, the first MEVM (Move + EVM) ZK L2. By leveraging the existing Aptos codebase, which is already powering more than $200 million in TVL, we can tap into new EVM users and liquidity. This will help us capture more markets with the safety of Move.

Rushi Manche, Co-Founder of Movement Labs, added “Thala is the leading Move DeFi protocol with a suite of apps designed to provide the best user experience: speed and security. With its expansion to the Movement network, Thala will be able to tap into the broader Ethereum and EVM liquidity base and grow its reach beyond just Move while serving as a core protocol for the Movement ecosystem”

About Movement:

Movement is a network of Move-based blockchains, designed to combine smart contract security and parallelization with the liquidity and user base of the EVM. M2, the first MEVM (Move + EVM) ZK L2 on Ethereum, powered by Celestia, seamlessly integrates MoveVM with Ethereum, setting a new standard for blockchain interoperability and performance.

About Thala:

Thala is a pioneering DeFi HyperApp and Liquidity Engine, powered by the Move programming language. Offering a diverse range of integrated products, including a stablecoin, DEX, liquid staking solutions, and a token launchpad, Thala stands at the forefront of the DeFi sector, driving innovation and accessibility within the blockchain space.






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